Glad I Saw It: Telling a Book

Sometimes it’s making available the opportunity, not having the ability.  Give your kids the chance to *tell* you a story!  The more comfortable they are with books, the more they’ll love the stories in them as companions.  Consider donating to First Book or Books Make it Better as you shop for books for the kids in your own life.  *Another great book charity, that does a lot of great work in cities especially, is Reading is Fundamental.  Thanks to Heather Scott (Aunt Feather) for the reminder!

Stay tuned for some book sweepstakes soon!

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4 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Telling a Book

  1. Cute! My kids used to make up the funniest things when they were ‘reading’ to me. Does your town have a program where children can read to dogs? It is a wonderful program for reluctant readers because animals are not judgmental. It is very popular at our library.

  2. I love this stage of early literacy! It is so important that kids be allowed to ‘read’ and interact with books as part of their daily life. And yes, yes, yes, to donations to literacy programs. I’m going to add RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) to the list of charities– they’ve lost their federal funding and need support!

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