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Vital Dining: Great for Vegans and Foodies Who Love Them

For those of us in culinarily mixed-families, something usually has to give. That’s why it’s such a joy to find a restaurant like Vital Dining with lots of options for everyone from carnivore to vegan. And with a vegan chef in … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Vintage Gene Autry

A few days ago I spied some books left on the outside ledge at Whole Foods. I liked the colorful cover, but I have no knowledge of Gene Autry and I didn’t have time to flip open the cover. Still, … Continue reading

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February Read: Three Out of #1000BlackGirlBooks

Every publication from Vibe to Jezebel is talking about Marley Dias, the 11-year old New Jersey girl who is holding a book drive for 1000 books with Black female protagonists. No stranger to activism, Marley is clearly a DO person, not a … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Hot Chocolate (NSFW)

Dolce Federica chocolates are rich. And beautiful. And they make the perfect indulgence. They were featured at the Montclair Pop-Up in December and recently at the Montclair Food and Wine Festival. The intense and delicious Dolce Federica chocolates have a boutique … Continue reading

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Lazy Mom’s Guide to Fancy Cooking

Sometimes my dinners get Fancy. And when I say “fancy” I mean like Iggy Azalea or maybe Fancy Nancy, not like Jonathan Coulton’s *Mr. Fancy Pants* classic. So basically, a dinner that pretends to be fancy, perhaps with a tongue … Continue reading

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Symbolism Evolution via Twitter, et al

Oops, they’ve done it again! Actually, let me try that again. Oh For Fuck’s Sake, what’s with the hearts? Yep, those on Periscope predicted it a while back: Twitter has gone to a HEART instead of a STAR for Favorites. And … Continue reading

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My Appropriation of Dia de los Muertos

I’ve always loved Hallowe’en. The elements of fantasy, choosing an alter ego, finding courage behind a mask, and the adrenaline surge of approaching houses — both strange and familiar — to ask for handouts combined to form an irresistible pull for … Continue reading

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Playing Chess with My Son

My Dad liked to play chess. My son, now almost eight, was always too young to play chess properly with his Opa, but at least the idea was introduced and some of the rules and strategies were discussed between them. … Continue reading

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Eulogy for My Father

I was a little over a year old, and my mother was pregnant with my sister Andrea, when someone asked my Dad “Will you give her back now?” – referring to my adoption. Years later, when Dad told me this … Continue reading

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Living Like Luna Lovegood

I have long loved the Harry Potter series. And thankfully, it’s a love that both of my children have absorbed and made their own. Of course I love Hermione and Ron and Harry for their wonderful personalities and growth and … Continue reading

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