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Adjusting to the car culture, dealing with leaving a career I love, and spouting off along the way.

Social Collisions Solved

The source of many misunderstandings: Shy and socially awkward people think no one else is. Outgoing and gregarious people think everyone else is.  As someone who considers herself shy and socially awkward (despite few people ever believing me), I’ve become … Continue reading

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Your life, trying to be remembered

A friend posted this today — April 28th — and it expresses part of the complexity that is mourning. Life goes on, and as time passes, we start to live in moments and hours and even days when those we’ve … Continue reading

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Inspiration at {verdigreen}

When I say “inspiration” it means vicariously soaking in other people’s artistic or creative projects with paints and craft items. And that’s where it ends: I feel inspired. I love to look, imagine, be tempted to distress furniture and wonder about … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures: Television Edition

I like television. I watch more than I should. But it’s so good! One of my guilty pleasures for a while now — okay for over four seasons now — has been Once Upon A Time. I’ve made peace with … Continue reading

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S.O.F.I.A. Celebrates Five Years of Service

You know someone in an abusive relationship. Yes, you do. We all do. And as Mr. Rogers always told us in times of despair, “Look for the Helpers.” One of the organizations that has been a “Helper” for the last … Continue reading

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Women’s History X

Congratulations, Stephanie! You (or the recipient of your shout out) will receive a copy of Rad American Women! A friend (Thanks, Amy!) recently posted a link to this post on Dangerous Minds about an ABC book called Rad American Women A-Z: … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Newark Over NYC

My cousin was here visiting last week, and we took the boat out to Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. We decided one was better from afar, but we got off to explore the stories of people who had experienced a … Continue reading

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PARCCing in Moderation: A Discussion

My friend Eugene Stern, who is pretty good with Mathematics and stuff, asked me to have a public discussion about some of the issues surrounding the Common Core and PARCC. In our neck of the woods, it feels like there are … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Style

I’m extremely grateful to people who have an eye for style. I definitely don’t have it. And I’m okay with that. But it sure is nice to stumble into spaces created by people with the kind of style I’d like … Continue reading

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Make Art Like No One Is Watching

I recently took a drawing class with the Bloomfield Art League, and it was so much fun. I’ve always been a joyful, but simplistic, artist – lots of smiley faces and stick figures with wild hair. The class I took … Continue reading

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