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Adjusting to the car culture, dealing with leaving a career I love, and spouting off along the way.

What Makes Life Worth Living

Facebook “memories” is a pretty cool feature for those of us with less-than-perfect recall. And sometimes FB friends share posts that scroll onto your screen at the perfect time. With permission, I’m reposting this year old confession from a friend … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Back to School Night

Back-to-School Night is always a night of curiosity and perhaps a little anxiety for parents. Teachers, too. Looking around the classrooms and hallways, knowing what my kids are surrounded with all day is what I always like to pick out and … Continue reading

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Can I Get a Witness? #BlackLivesMatter

Those who know me, know I prefer amplifying other people’s actions and voices over my own. I just don’t like self-disclosure very much. But I just read this post from Luvvie Ajayi, and when I got to Be a witness, … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Fairy Trail

The South Mountain Conservancy Fairy Trail is a lovely, fairly easy, loop of forested delight. Clever Fairy houses and swings and nap nooks are hidden (and not so hidden) along the way. Some are easy to find and others take … Continue reading

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No such thing as “too feminist”

The video posted below was cut from the DNC’s Thursday night program. Whether it was because it was seen as “too soft or too feminist” or because of time doesn’t really matter, does it? Women have long been making the choice … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Eastern View

This is our dog seeing the ocean for the first time. Lately, finding moments to replenish the wells of empathy and strength and self-care have been few and far between. If you can’t get away, figure out how to see … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: The Coming Tide

Just putting this out there as a reminder that not only does the sun rise again, but the tide continues to surround us with its rhythm.

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Glad I Saw It: Rectangles

You know it’s moving season when you see art and art supplies out on the sidewalk. Keep your eyes peeled for cool stuff around town.

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Celebrating Hillary Clinton’s Nomination with Joyful Feminist Tears

This morning I had my first cry about Hillary Clinton being the presumptive Democratic nominee for President of the United States. I’m not usually a crier when it comes to history. I’m a hand-clasper, a nodder, and woohooer, and an … Continue reading

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Wear Orange on June 2nd. Then Act Every Day.

Orange gets attention. It is the color hunters wear on vests and knit caps so they’ll be seen. Or, as one of Hadiya Pendleton’s friends explained, “Hunters wear bright colors so that they are not targets.” Yep. We are at … Continue reading

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