(some of) My Favorite Posts

We Both Know It, I am Not Trayvon’s Mother – because privilege doesn’t mean your life is easy, but it does mean there are layers of stress and holding back that are lifted from your shoulders.

Celebrities Deserve Privacy When the Need is Great – less about celebrities than empathy and recognizing the addictions you and those you love may also share.

Making Eye Contact and Being There – because I often wonder what all of us parents would be doing more of without the metallic growths we just can’t resist.  (It’s the first wave of the Borg!)

And This is Why We Need Public Television – because this post, which I published too early and by accident, actually makes me feel like I can be coherent without trying so damn hard.  And because we totally do need public television, and radio, and art, and schools…

There Oughta Be a Law! – because we are reminded too often that cars and trucks are harder than the human body.

I (probably) Will Not Visit Zuccotti Park – because I probably won’t, but I’d like to think I might.  And because, at the very least, a lot of conversations have started and information has been shared because of the people over there.

“His mother would have wanted to be with him.” – My response to seeing a horrific video of a child in pain (and close to death) and, on the same day, reading an essay about a book asserting that French parents are superior.

Tell Me About Your Father – because my dad is all kinds of awesome.

The Talk – My response to the Trayvon Martin murder.  With a little help from my students.

Black Bubble Jacket Birthday – I was not nearly as traumatized as some of my readers seemed to be after reading this!

Lazy Mom’s Guide to Rationalizing Letting Preschoolers Watch the Boob Tube – That pretty much explains this one.

When It Was Still Called Friendly – In which I admit to loving my job as a grill cook, dishwasher, waitress, and supervisor at Friendly’s.

Friendship Flaw: I woke them up – Pondering the many chances lost in friendships.

Better Than A Sharp Stick in the Eye – because I still go back to read it on *those* days.

I have a Mansion, Cleavage, and a Pool – because it’s funny how many people arrive on the page through searches for “cleavage + pool.”  Howdy-hoo they must be disappointed when they see what it’s actually about.

Don’t Have the Dullest Knife on Your Block – because Vis is a really nice guy, and he really does do a great job sharpening anything that needs it!

Mortifying Movie Moments – because who doesn’t want to see more of Jane Fonda in space?

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