Don’t Have the Dullest Knife on Your Block

A couple of times a month, around nine or ten in the morning, we hear the ding ding ding that tells us the knife sharpening van is on its way.  It makes its way down the block, then turns around and comes back; that leaves just enough time to get outside and wave him down to sharpen your knives or lawn mower blades or skates or scissors or whatever.

This past weekend was the first time I got myself together quick enough to flag down the van and ask how much it would cost to be able to slice a tomato neatly again.  In the end, I brought two large knives ($3 each) and one paring knife ($2) and our lawnmower blade ($15 for both sides) to be sharpened.  And let me tell you, those knives are SHARP now.  Vis (short for Visidor – the expert sharpener who drives the van) even sliced through a piece of paper for me to demonstrate my knife’s new-found sharpness.

I asked Vis if he ever comes out for special requests.  He said absolutely; it’s worth his time because he’d do that job and then drive around the area ringing the bell and picking up some extra gigs.  Interested customers can call (201) 836 3287 for an appointment.

Vis said that his grandfather and father also sharpened knives.  Now just he and his uncle carry on the family tradition.  He said he travels around Bergen County, Essex County, and even down to the Jersey Shore offering his expert blade sharpening skills.  So the next time you have to saw through an apple or notice that your lawn-mower is only cutting one out of every three blades of grass, listen for the knife-sharpening bells or give Vis a call.


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4 Responses to Don’t Have the Dullest Knife on Your Block

  1. commutefromhell says:

    Good to know! Thanks for the info

  2. How useful – thanks! I have never seen his van. Will track him down.

  3. What a great concept. And I do have some knives that could use his expert attention. Thanks!

  4. i’ve heard about the knife sharpening vans but thought they were an urban myth, am surprised and thrilled to hear they’re not.

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