Review: This Will Pass by J. Donnini

THIS WILL PASS written by J. Donnini and illustrated by Luke Scriven is a reassuring picture book about acknowledging fears and facing them head on. Crue is always up for an adventure, but as much as he looks forward to his next one, he also has worries. Together with his favorite Uncle Ollie, Crue sets off on a Big Journey by boat and it’s all he hoped it would be. When a storm interrupts their fun, Uncle Ollie makes sure Crue has methods to get through it.

What’s lovely about this book is that it doesn’t try to assuage the child’s fears with minimizing the concerns. Uncle Ollie acknowledges the fears, names them, and then gives Crue tools to survive the moment. As the title hints, part of what Uncle Ollie shares with Crue is a mantra: “Be calm, it will pass.” They sing a song about it, and when the next frightening moments occur, they use their mantra and realize that the scary moments, while very real, did pass. Every time. It’s a lesson that Crue can use into the future, even when Uncle Ollie is not there to help him.

The illustrations fantastic; they are simple, colorful, and textured. The colors are warm in good times and take on a darker, harsher tone in the scary times. The storm and pirates and sharks are depicted in age-appropriate scenes, and little Crue is drawn with a wide variety of expressions and moods.

THIS WILL PASS is lovely enough on its own, but it’s also a wonderful reassurance to children who may feel worried or nervous about all that life can throw at them. The end page includes “Tips for Parents” that features a calming breathing exercise and an explanation of how a mantra works. Really great.

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