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Review: Freefall Summer by Tracy Barrett

FREEFALL SUMMER by Tracy Barrett is a coming-of-age novel that addresses an overprotective father and boyfriend (dare we use patriarchal?) who seem to have “good reasons,” but their behavior has the same effects as any other confining actions, no matter … Continue reading

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Review: If It Makes You Happy by Claire Kann

I learned a lot from Claire Kann’s new novel IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY. The protagonist, Winnie, is an 18-year-old living “her best fat-girl life” during the summer before college. In addition to being body positive, Winnie is in a … Continue reading

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Review: This Was Our Pact

THIS WAS OUR PACT by Ryan Andrews is a fanciful graphic novel that starts out as a standard coming-of-age story of boys on bikes in the wilderness. It then suddenly veers into magical realism that is at once bizarre and … Continue reading

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Review: VERY NICE by Marcy Dermansky

Marcy Dermansky’s forthcoming novel, VERY NICE, is a tangled web of longing, lazing, and attempted adulting. With five narrators, none of which fits the traditional mold of likeable or hero, the plot moves forward with passionate detail and disparate loyalties. … Continue reading

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Review: Like Vanessa by Tami Charles

Tami Charles’ LIKE VANESSA is a true gem for the 10-14 year old set. In fact, I enjoyed the book tremendously as well, and I’d highly recommend it as a “let’s read this together” book for caregivers and children. The … Continue reading

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Review: Cannabis – The Illegalization of Weed in America

Cannabis: The Illegalization of Weed in America, Box Brown’s impassioned history lesson about Cannabis and its journey towards illegalization, takes readers from ancient religious traditions in India (see an excerpt here) to Mexico to opaque motivations and actions on the … Continue reading

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Review: Catwad

Honestly, I flipped through CATWAD: It’s Me when it was first sent to me and almost tossed it directly into the donation pile. Luckily, before my rush to judgment could cause a CATastrophe, my kids saw it, grabbed it, and … Continue reading

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Review: The Girl He Used to Know

New York Times Bestselling Author Tracey Garvis Graves has a new book coming out on April 2nd, and THE GIRL HE USED TO KNOW is going to be a fantastic springtime read. I’m not usually a reader of books in … Continue reading

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Review: JEDI ACADEMY — Revenge of the Sis

Christina Starspeeder, older sister to Victor Starspeeder, is the focus in this 7th book in the popular Jedi Academy series: REVENGE OF THE SIS. The graphic novel, written by Jarrett J. Krosoczka & Amy Ignatow, continues the relatable and fun style … Continue reading

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Review: FAKERS, An Insider’s Guide to Cons, Hoaxes, and Scams

Whether the young people in your life believe every tall tale or have already developed their cynicism into an art, FAKERS is sure to entertain and educate them about both the history and the current state of cons, hoaxes, and … Continue reading

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