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A Place to Rest on The Walk Home

Soon after moving to Montclair, I vowed to continue the “walking culture” that I had leaned on in Brooklyn. Walking to errands, walking to say hello to neighbors, walking to pick up a slice of pizza, walking to get fresh … Continue reading

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Hey, Parents: You’re Doing A Great Job! {giveaway}

  There are days, lots of them, that parents need to hear “You’re doing a great job!” There are the days we snap at our children and make them cry (when we are really snapping at ourselves). There are the … Continue reading

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Back-to-School Letter to Our School Bus Driver

Dear School Bus Driver, This isn’t my first time at this, and I’m surprised at how nervous I am even this second time around. I don’t like to think of myself as an overly anxious parent, you know? So, please … Continue reading

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Lazy Mom’s Guide to Overcoming (your own) Anti-Social Behavior

On the last day of school, my son was so excited for summer that he practically bounced over to me as he left his teacher’s hug. “What kind of fun will we be having, Mama? Who will be there?” I … Continue reading

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Watching Someone Get Old is Hard

Watching someone get old and prepare to die is hard. It’s really hard. And sad. And quiet. The inability to fight the inevitable end sometimes makes me cry in the shower. Not for myself, but for my friend Esther. Not … Continue reading

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Lazy Mom’s Guide to Hide & Seek

It’s really Mean Mommy Hide & Seek. And it really is mean on some level. But I feel like you’ll understand when you hear some context. On rainy days, we play a variety of games – you know, once I … Continue reading

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I finally resigned from what I thought would be a defining and fulfilling career as a classroom teacher. For the last four years, I’ve received a letter about extending my leave of absence another 12 months, and I always renewed … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Performance Space with a Preschooler

I’m working on a review – more like a “get yourself over to this place!” – of Newark’s NJPAC. But I just can’t wait to share this photo. It makes my heart melt. Amidst the bustle of touring the NJPAC … Continue reading

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Kiddie Jeep Test Drive aka The Joy of Future Ulcers

Before the day of this photo, my kids have only ever ridden in a gravity-powered version of this kiddie-jeep. At our last block party, they sped down the hill shrieking – and guarded jealously by the older kids – in … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Sleeping Dollies

I love when I stumble upon a scene in my kids’ rooms that shows me a little of what they do when I’m not around. My son’s created scenes usually center around some combination of Dinosaurs and Fairies, and my … Continue reading

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