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Guest Post: Georgette Gilmore on #NoNormalization of Donald Trump

My friend Georgette gave me permission to re-post this from her Facebook page. I am grateful to her, and I look forward to her passion and action in the days to come. I also hope that those who don’t understand … Continue reading

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Do Something That Matters: Pass NJ Bill S2360

Update: The NJ Senate voted to override Christie’s veto. Now the NJ Assembly needs to vote. Of all the issues surrounding guns, mental health has been the one area where people seem to be on the same side. “It’s mental … Continue reading

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Ten Round Magazine Limit: Nothing New; Still Effective

Last week, the New Jersey Assembly passed a bill lowering its current 15 round magazine limit to 10 rounds. New Jersey is one of only eight states that has ANY limit to how many rounds a magazine can hold. Part of the reason … Continue reading

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Smart Guns Are Scary…to the gun lobby.

More than half of all gun deaths in the United States are suicides. At almost 20k a year, those who take their own lives using firearms make up slightly more than half the total number of suicides as a whole. It’s a terrible … Continue reading

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Newark’s Children Matter

They are tears of frustration and anger, not helplessness and sadness. I’ve stopped having those kinds of tears when it comes to gun violence. This past week, there were too many horrific incidents fueled by a combination of who knows … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Shadow Box

On our last visit with the kids, from afar we debated whether or not the lines were painted on the wall. Then we went up close to check on who was most correct. Stop by the stairwell of The Montclair Art … Continue reading

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Raising Voices: Horrible-No-Good-Very-Bad-Weeks Edition

You’ve heard about Alexander and his Horrible-No-Good-Very-Bad-Day, and we’re having some of those weeks in gun violence. Hopefully it won’t be months…but it’s not looking good.* One of the most heart-breaking and disturbing recent stories is the story of Renisha … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Autumnal Diva

Autumn is a glorious diva in this corner of the New Jersey suburbs. Stop and look up as you walk about. Take a moment to breathe deeply and enjoy the show. * One caveat: If you hear a lot of … Continue reading

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No New Jerseyans Left Behind…

So, no surprise here. Chris Christie was voted in for a second term as The Garden State Governor, and it was by a lot. A friend, flabbergasted that the spread was so wide, felt deflated and hopeless. “How can people … Continue reading

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So you want to vote for Chris Christie on November 5th?

After Sandy, just a year ago, I thought it was super-cool that Governor Christie wore his fleece and hugged stood next to President Obama and showed concern for residents who had had their lives upended and submerged and interrupted. And admittedly, I … Continue reading

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