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Hey, Parents: You’re Doing A Great Job! {giveaway}

  There are days, lots of them, that parents need to hear “You’re doing a great job!” There are the days we snap at our children and make them cry (when we are really snapping at ourselves). There are the … Continue reading

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Mr. Rogers’ Mother Knitted

I’m not a big fan of designated days. I rarely acknowledge birthdays or anniversaries through social media — and I do my very best to discourage choruses of “Happy {special day}!” on my feeds. It’s partly because I’m an anti-social … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Timeout

My son has always taken timeouts very seriously. He sees them as a punishment, for sure. My daughter, well, she’s a different story. While she sometimes grumbles or even screams about timeouts, she also ends up enjoying timeouts in her … Continue reading

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The Great Mother’s Day Irony: Parking in Pink and Blue

Something struck me as a chuckle when I saw these spaces for expectant mothers (or someone with a great deal of bloating) taken up with the abundant flowering plants available for Mother’s Day. Frankly, I find this sort of parking … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Elegance in the Front Yard

I’ve never been a big fan of irises. I don’t like frilly things in general, and that’s how they look to me. But now that I am re-seeing the world through my children’s eyes, I have to admit that yes, … Continue reading

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Ladies Night on Broad Street

I’m not a big believer in special days like “Mother’s Day” or “St. Valentine’s Day” or other days that seem to pressure some into making it super special for a particular person in our lives.  At its best, it’s a … Continue reading

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