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Gun Culture is No Joke: Of Puppies, Priests, and Football

On the one hand, we have a priest pointing a long gun at an 8-year old over a Cowboys/Giants rivalry. The parishioners say it’s “in jest” and no big deal. Haha. So funny! On the other hand, we have an 11-year … Continue reading

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The Night I Didn’t Get Shot (prank edition)

I didn’t have the ego available to me to say no, so I sat in the truck. Swept along by a desire to seem cool enough to be brought home to meet the friends, I sat in the truck.  Nervous to … Continue reading

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Four-Year-Olds Have Access to Guns. Real ones. With Bullets.

I don’t even know what to say any more. I just know that I have to say something. Last night, within hours, I received alerts about two different stories involving preschoolers shooting guns and killing or injuring others. This story … Continue reading

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