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Badass From History: Robert Smalls

As bizarre as Facebook navigation can be, sometimes really great things swim by your sight line and make you stop and do more than just hit the like button. The image below is one of those times. If you want … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning: Temporary Tattoo Edition

Time to clear out some items that I’ve kept around because “I love it and I might just need it someday and it’s too good to throw out or recycle and I might just need it someday.” Or, in other … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: I Pledge…

I saw this on the Kids for Peace Facebook Page, and while I’d need to add “to try” in the middle of many of these, it’s something to strive for as the days go on. We need more of this … Continue reading

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The Chai Cycle is On Call

The Hurricane Super-Storm Sandy disruptions to NJ Transit and electricity seem miniscule when held up against the destruction and loss of life on the Jersey Shore and Staten Island and the other heavily impacted areas. (I use heavily in a relative … Continue reading

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Rage Against the iPad

I felt the heat rise from my belly to my chest to my neck; it threatened to leap out of my mouth before I even fully recognized what I was seeing.  The fury surprised me.  And I contained it by … Continue reading

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Don’t Give Up. Ever. Unless You’re a Stalker or Planning Something Along Those Lines.

I found this sentiment in a Facebook group called Good News, Good Deeds.  It’s a lovely, uplifting, non-religious (as far as I can tell), Do Unto Others group,  and I really enjoy perusing the positivity.  But sometimes my darker side gets … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Typed Gratitude

It seems silly to thank someone for thanking you for thanking them. Keyword: seems.  But sometimes one of those seemingly superfluous “thanks” can really make someone’s day.  In this case, it was my day. A friend of mine from the … Continue reading

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