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RBG is an Inspiring and Instructive Must See

The new documentary RBG is a Must See if you believe in The U.S. Constitution, incremental but meaningful forward change that lasts, and the power of focus, love, and laughter. It screened recently as part of The Montclair Film Festival, and … Continue reading

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I Am Not Your Negro: James Baldwin’s Call to Action is On US

The Oscar-nominated I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO, is a must-see. You can stop reading now and just get to the nearest theater today. I was lucky to be at the Montclair Film Festival and Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence sponsored … Continue reading

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#MFF Must-See: When Two Worlds Collide

Of all the dire issues facing the human race, climate change is surely the one that will reach us all, no matter where we live. Those of us who see climate change through the lens of recycling Poland Spring bottles, … Continue reading

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NSFW: Consider Supporting EXPOSED by Beth B.

PSA: I’m not kidding when I saw NSFW, folks! Do NOT click on the links below unless you are in a place where nudity will not get you fired or thrown out onto the street. At my core, I’m an … Continue reading

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