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Self-Love: Safe for Work Edition

I’m not going to keep blaming Hurricane Sandy for feeling off-kilter. At some point, I have to take responsibility for this unbalanced, stuffed-calendar, eating Teddy Grahams from the box, sniffing laundry to see if it’s clean, forgetting birthdays, honking at … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Honeycrisp at Whole Foods

  My son spotted these right away. “Daddy loves those!” The men in my family love apples. My husband has a sweet spot for Honeycrisp Apples, and my son eats at least one full apple a day. He likes almost … Continue reading

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No Charge for Being Neighborly

Since I’m not particularly up on the latest news, and since I haven’t regularly read The Wall Street Journal since my first semester in college (The front page was so easy to read in lectures with all the little boxes … Continue reading

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Lazy Mom’s Lunchtime Nod to the Royal Wedding

Okay, so I hadn’t planned on doing anything other than perhaps buying the teachers at my children’s school British-themed cookies from Le Baker’s Dozen.  I didn’t; I figured I’d wait for next week as a way to acknowledge their mothering role … Continue reading

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