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What Makes Life Worth Living

Facebook “memories” is a pretty cool feature for those of us with less-than-perfect recall. And sometimes FB friends share posts that scroll onto your screen at the perfect time. With permission, I’m reposting this year old confession from a friend … Continue reading

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Celebrating Hillary Clinton’s Nomination with Joyful Feminist Tears

This morning I had my first cry about Hillary Clinton being the presumptive Democratic nominee for President of the United States. I’m not usually a crier when it comes to history. I’m a hand-clasper, a nodder, and woohooer, and an … Continue reading

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Eulogy for My Father

I was a little over a year old, and my mother was pregnant with my sister Andrea, when someone asked my Dad “Will you give her back now?” – referring to my adoption. Years later, when Dad told me this … Continue reading

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Glad I Saw It: Dumbwaiter

Seeing this in a corner off the Montclair Art Museum‘s lobby reminded me of a stupid night I had with a friend while in college. It must have been my freshman year, and we went to our first “Around the … Continue reading

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Father to Son: “The only way you can truly be strong”

Fathers show strength in so many ways. Sometimes it’s a literal strength, like carrying a stumbling drunk daughter into the house. Other times it’s by holding in emotion to help family and friends bear their own pain more easily. And … Continue reading

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Maya Would Have Forgiven Me

I didn’t know any better. Before I ever read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, I taught a chapter called “Momma, The Dentist, and Me.” I was teaching kids who were about as far from avid readers as is … Continue reading

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Coney Island Bikinis

Summers as a family-free NYC teacher can be pretty sweet. You might not have the cash of Wharton-graduated peers to go play in Manhattan, but you’ve got time. Summertime. Even the temporary feel embedded in the sweaty, lethargic hours of teaching … Continue reading

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Tweenage Dreams on Valentine’s Day

To say there were never any grand expectations surrounding Valentine’s Day would be a lie. But I didn’t have to admit it. I never said it out loud, and even to myself it was wrapped in half-laughed-at daydreams. Still, sometimes, … Continue reading

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War is Hell

On Veterans Day, honor those who have put their lives and well-being on the line by taking a few moments to remember that no matter the politics behind it, War is Hell. Soldiers comfort each other during the Korean war … Continue reading

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The Perfect Thanksgiving Meal

My daughter ate scrambled eggs and buttered toast with a side of baby carrots for Thanksgiving this year. I know there are the “kids must eat what you eat” folks – and I wish I had the backbone to stick … Continue reading

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