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Books for Kids: The Best Gift Ever

My home is overflowing in books. Each member of our household, save the dog, has lots of books and a true aversion for clearing out the shelves (or stacks…). Even so, there’s always room for more! What follows are some … Continue reading

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HardCore Summer Reading Suggestions

Nothing against romance novels and more traditional beach reads, but I like to use my downtime to get deep and dirty into books that take me aback and encourage me to evolve without mindfulness and meditation. Here are a few … Continue reading

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Review: Difficult Women by Roxane Gay

Short Answer: Roxane Gay’s DIFFICULT WOMEN is a must-read. (You can read one of the stories here.) And it’s one you should invest in because you’ll want to read many of the 21 short stories more than once. Long, General … Continue reading

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Happy Tenth Birthday, First Second! #10yearsof01

In my home, we dove feet first into graphic novels when the kids first started reading on their own. Even before that, our home had many graphic novels in the bookshelves — everything from King Lear to Persepolis to Maus. My … Continue reading

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TipsyLit Fiction: Joker’s No So Wild

You know, it’s funny. I never understand why “vanilla” is considered boring. Vanilla has layers of flavor that dance and swoon and swirl where more showy flavors stick and lodge and need to be pried from taste buds. But whatever, … Continue reading

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Morning Story – Fiction for The Speakeasy

Whoever can find the most references to the Speakeasy photo prompt (<—- find it there!) in this flash fiction gets to choose from some fantabulous books that I will send to your door. Leave answers in comments.  You’ve got until Monday … Continue reading

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Scavenging – Fiction for The Speakeasy

“You know, I don’t even remember his name – and I’m okay with that.” Something in my coffee was suddenly very interesting as I avoided her eyes. I’d been sharing an apartment with Jackie for a little less than two … Continue reading

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