#TimesUp: It’s all connected.

timesup tweet

Surprising reaction. At first, it was an emphatic GOOD. Then as I typed #TimesUp, I started tearing up. And by the time I’d hit “send,” tears were in attendance. Why? Was it simply the relief that it wasn’t the five years his defense attorneys had called for? Perhaps it was the matter-of-fact statement, without punctuation or detail to accentuate the fact?

Thinking about it, as Scorpios sometimes do, my response is both of those AND four years of hearing “But not that woman.” AND then the last year of realizing (but we already knew) that it’s wasn’t just that woman, it was simply woman. AND then the various challenges and judicial decisions that tell women that no, our bodies are not our own. AND. AND. AND.

So in that moment I had tears about 23 years for one predator. Because even though sexual predators very rarely receive punishment for their crimes, here is one. And it’s precedent. And it tells society that harming women’s bodies is unacceptable. And it tells women that #TimesUp, at least for this man. This time.

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