Review: Lost in the Library

Lost in the Library

I need to admit something. The cover of the lovely new picture book, LOST IN THE LIBRARY, is so endearing that I was almost – almost – disappointed in the actual story. Thankfully, the in-depth adventures of Fortitude, one of the two lions guarding the main entrance to the New York Public Library, as he searches for his companion, Patience, in the halls of the famous building are as delightful as the cover promises.

The story begins when Fortitude wakes up from a nap and notices that Patience has left his post at the front of the library. As he wanders the halls, which Patience has visited often, but Fortitude has never seen, we join the searching lion in meeting statues and paintings and even a water fountain decoration. The hundreds of rooms are not featured in detail, but the taste readers get will encourage a visit to the New York Public Library’s halls.

Lost in the Library is a love story not just to the New York Public Library’s structure, but to the books that house the myriad adventures, travels, characters that we share with each other. Why does Patience leave his post at night? To read stories which he later shares with his good friend Fortitude!

The casual, sometimes jaunty rhymes through the story by Josh Funk work well with the chunky, humorous illustrations by Stevie Lewis. Fortitude and Patience, as well as the supporting characters, all have definite personalities conveyed not just through their words, but in the rich and detailed illustrations. The back page of the book includes explanations about some of the people and places Fortitude discovers during his pre-dawn adventure in the New York Public Library.

Highly recommended for ages 4-8 and beyond.

Thank you to Henry Holt Publishers for a review copy of this book.

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4 Responses to Review: Lost in the Library

  1. Great review! That cover is adorable, and I love the New York Public Library so I think it’s so great that there’s a book devoted to the lions. They really are iconic.

  2. Oh how fun! I love that it’s a bit of a love letter to the New York Public Library. Cute cover!


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