Glad I Saw It: P.A.C.E. Music Group and Rachel Brown


It always amazes me when spectacular events come together to both entertain and inspire. That’s what happened on this past Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day ON. You can read all about it here.

And while the crafts and activities and good works were absolutely wonderful, something new to me was wholly phenomenal. We hosted the truly terrific P.A.C.E. Music Group, including The Trumpet Chicks, and then the hugely talented Rachel Brown performed “Happy Birthday,” the Stevie Wonder edition, for us all. I felt like I’d had a mini-vacation by the end of the morning.

The P.A.C.E. Music Group is made up of teenagers from Camden, NJ, and they are led by their conductor, Mr. Jamal Dickerson. He is phenomenal. Really, see this recent video about his mission. Check out the school here: Camden Rep.

Here is the full video of the performance the P.A.C.E. Music Group gave us on Monday.

(Holding this space for Rachel Brown’s birthday song!)MLK-4-e1516141180737.jpg

Do teens who make sweet, sweet music inspire you? Throw them a tip at their GoFundMe page! Help fund them HERE.

CHB MLK Day 2018 P.A.C.E. Music Group 2.jpg


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10 Responses to Glad I Saw It: P.A.C.E. Music Group and Rachel Brown

  1. Seem like it was a wonderful performance!

  2. Julie says:

    This sounds like a great event for a great cause. They’re so talented!

  3. Lauren Becker says:

    How fantastic! They sound great – thanks for sharing.


  4. This is awesome! It sounds like it was a fun event with some talented teens!

  5. This sounds like a really amazing event!!!

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