Books for Kids: The Best Gift Ever

My home is overflowing in books. Each member of our household, save the dog, has lots of books and a true aversion for clearing out the shelves (or stacks…). Even so, there’s always room for more!

What follows are some suggestions for graphic novels for the kids in your life. Some are new for 2017, and others are older BUT have follow-ups coming soon in 2018! For an adult version, focused on women writers, go HERE.

Cici's Journal cover

  • A really fun book for ages 7+ is CICI’S JOURNAL. The main character loves
    mysteries, writing, drawing, and adventure. The book is a mix of traditional graphic novel panels and journal page layouts that are lovely recaps of Cici’s adventures and her feelings. Mysteries that center on art and animals and long, lost loves fuel the two storylines. With conflicts between mothers and daughters, as well as friends, many children and young people will recognize everyday adventures as well.



  • STAR SCOUTS is a fast-paced story that will appeal to a wide range of ages from 8 and up. It begins thanks to a happy accident, and from then on there’s no stopping Avani Patel, the main character. With a diverse host of alien beings, lots of attitude from the heroes, fart jokes, and a parent who seems oblivious to strange goings-on and doesn’t question odd wording on permission slips for a week of sleep-away camp, there’s something for every reader. See a full review here. The next installment, THE LEAGUE OF THE LASERS is due out in March 2018!


  • In the 10-14 year age range, there is PASHMINA, a story about a search for identity and truth that is at once realistic and magical. The main character, Priyanka Das, wrestles with questions, conflicts, and relationships that will feel very real and intense to readers. The power of imagination and the feeling of being connected to culture as well as what home means all play a role. The imagery shuttles between black and white and vivid color, and the dialogue is realistic.



  • For slightly older kids, CAST NO SHADOW hits all the adolescent pangs without being saccharine and predictable. The main character is dealing with loss, change, and generally eye-rolling at his hometown. His crush on a local ghost complicates matters considerably. The mystery of why the main character doesn’t have a shadow culminates in the novel’s climax, and while adult readers may feel it’s too crowded at the end, most teens will find a lot to relate to and recognize. The illustrations are at once simple and expressive, and the story and dialogue are touching and funny.


9781626721807GIANTS BEWARE! and DRAGONS BEWARE! will be joined by the third in this series of Claudette, Gaston, and Marie conquering foes with MONSTERS BEWARE! in March 2018. The adventures are sure to continue with spunk and clever solutions to often humungous problems. Giving the first two books as a gift to prepare your little readers for the series conclusion!

9781626723399THE CREEPY CASE FILES OF MARGO MALOO is incredibly fun, and it is filled with hidden teases and Easter Eggs for readers to find. The book puts an active spin on the Monster-In-The-Closet story, and it humanizes monsters and presents kids with challenging and irresistible adventures. Readers follow Charles, a reluctant transplant to Echo City, as he grumbles about his new home while discovering local secrets and new friends, both human and…perhaps not human. Even though the follow up (THE MONSTER MALL) doesn’t arrive until September 2018, kids will be sure to read and re-read these adventures as they wait.

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