Ivanka Trump needs to have a hard conversation with her father.

Several years ago, a year or so before my father’s illnesses kept him indoors, we went to pick up dinner for a family gathering. He drove. As we were leaving, he almost hit a pedestrian as he was pulling out of the parking lot. That’s what prompted me, the daughter who lived farther away and only saw him every two months or so, to have a supremely difficult conversation about whether he should be driving, especially at night.

Ivanka Trump needs to have a supremely difficult conversation with her father about his mental capacity, or lack thereof. Here is some reading for her to get started.


Exhibit 497,392

Even in a bubble of Yes Men and protective restricted social media use, some of the reality must seep in somewhere. There is nothing romantic or nostalgic about memories of Eva Braun, Imelda Marcos, Mirjana Markovic, or any other enablers and beneficiaries of leaders who abuse their power and humanity. Ivanka Trump still has a chance to redeem herself.

The task falls to Ivanka Trump* because she’s the only one he seems to pay attention to for more than 23 minutes. It won’t be easy. Many of us are having or have had these hard conversations with our aging parents.

The task also falls to Ivanka Trump because it’s in good part on her. She has to own the responsibility for what she has wrought.

* Do I think Ivanka Trump will actually do this? Probably not. So really, it’s up to anyone who gets Donald Trump’s ear for more than two seconds. Perhaps his daughters-in-law? Ben Carson? He used to deal with brains, right? I really don’t know.  Help.



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One Response to Ivanka Trump needs to have a hard conversation with her father.

  1. certifiedpastryaficionado says:

    Ugh I keep asking myself “where’s Ivanka?” She seems like a reasonable person, based on how she carries her self. So what the hell is going on with her dad? I hope she’ll be able to get through to him. But my guess is that his ego won’t let that happen 😦

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