Glad I Saw It: Resisting Weariness


I’ve been sensing, both in myself and in those around me, a weariness — an overwhelming despair — thinking about the years ahead led by a President who is unqualified, dangerous, and hateful. Hillary Clinton anticipated this for us on Day 1.

On Christmas Eve, at my parents’ church, I noticed a bowl of bookmarks with the quotation Hillary Clinton highlighted in her November 9th speech. I took just one, but I wanted to take dozens to hand out to people who needed a pick-me-up.

Seeing this sentiment reminded me of a recent conversation I’d had with neighbors about my fear that post-inauguration much of our activism will sink into complacency for those not directly affected by policy changes or fears of further oppression. It is especially for those of us with the privilege of secure economics, citizenship, race, and the societal security of heterosexual relationships and “acceptable” religious backgrounds to shrug off the weariness and continue to work for equality on all levels. And why should we? Precisely because we have the choice not to. We have the choice not to, so we must make that choice to benefit those who don’t have it.

Do The Most Good.

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