Books as Escape: Giveaway

nicole-blades-book-cover-the-thunder-beneath-usCongrats to Steph and Daria!

I’m currently finishing Nicole Blades’ new novel The Thunder Beneath Us, and it’s been a great escape from, well, real life. Following Best, the main character, through her personal drama –familial, romantic and work — is an entertaining, chapter by chapter dip into a world without a homegrown, gold-plated Axis of Evil. It was a Holiday Swap gift this year already, and it’ll be going into a couple of family stockings this holiday, for sure. But I also want to share a couple of other books with you all. Books that can be escape, if only for a short time.

9780385353304First up: Emily St. John Mandel’s STATION ELEVEN. I describe this as a more hopeful version of The Road, but that doesn’t really do the novel justice. The web of character relationships and various methods of survival will keep you focused on the novel and not current events. At least for a short while.

The novel received a starred Kirkus review. And this excerpt is from the NYT review:

If “Station Eleven” reveals little insight into the effects of extreme terror and misery on humanity, it offers comfort and hope to those who believe, or want to believe, that doomsday can be survived, that in spite of everything people will remain good at heart, and that when they start building a new world they will want what was best about the old.

da0574f71bc4f8678bdaae471156a985-w2041xThe second novel up for grabs is THE GALLERY by Laura Marx Fitzgerald. This is a middle-grade novel that will also entertain adults. The story includes several interesting characters and intertwines mystery, art appreciation, and history in the storyline. Set in 1929, readers will enjoy the historical references as they join the main character, Martha, in attempting to unravel a life-and-death mystery. Recommended for ages 8-13 by those in the know, I’d probably raise that to 10-16. Either way, a worthy addition to your list of escapist reads.

From the Laura Marx Fitzgerald’s website:

It’s 1928, and twelve-year-old Martha has no choice but to work as a maid in the New York City mansion of the wealthy Sewell family. But, despite the Gatsby-like parties and trimmings of success, she suspects something might be deeply wrong in the household—specifically with Rose Sewell, the formerly vivacious lady of the house who now refuses to leave her room. The other servants say Rose is crazy, but scrappy, strong-willed Martha thinks there’s more to the story…

Live in the USA? Enter by clicking the link below, and make sure to comment below letting me know which novel you prefer! Happy reading!

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One Response to Books as Escape: Giveaway

  1. Stef says:

    These all look good but I’ve heard a lot about The Thunder Between Us and would love to read it. 🙂

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