Complacency = Complicity; Don’t Stand Idly By


If you aren’t condemning what is happening, if you aren’t paying attention, if you are shrugging because you aren’t (yet) personally affected, you are complicit. No matter who you voted or didn’t vote for, don’t waste time with finger pointing — we need 30 fingers each to point in all directions. Including inward.

Please don’t stand idly by. As Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” The President-elect has been showing us who he is for decades, and from whom he is willing to take guidance. His hiring of Steve Bannon, a passionate anti-semite, white supremacist and propagandist, should have been a non-starter when Bannon became the CEO of the Trump Campaign. But we were in denial.

With Bannon as the Trump Administration’s Right-Hand-Man, there is no more denial. Bannon will now have the most powerful position(s) in the President-elect’s administration. And that is just one highly-influential, has-the-ear-of-the-President-elect person. #NoNormalization

What can you do? One thing — Demand your elected officials condemn the hiring of a white nationalist to the President-elect’s senior staff. You can find Senate contact information here:, and US Representative information here: Call them, leave a message, write an email or an ACTUAL letter, message on FB, Twitter, etc. It will take all of ten minutes to do them all, once a day. Have more time? Visit their offices with a letter in hand.

Thank you to Kim for pointing me to Christy Moore’s “Yellow Triangle.”


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One Response to Complacency = Complicity; Don’t Stand Idly By

  1. Charlotte says:

    Thanks so much for sharing ❤ The world is a very strange place right now… so much animosity and resentment and it's just hurting my heart, truthfully, so I've been pulling away from controversial posts. But I always believe in fighting the good fight and hope that in the end love prevails ❤


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