No such thing as “too feminist”

The video posted below was cut from the DNC’s Thursday night program. Whether it was because it was seen as “too soft or too feminist” or because of time doesn’t really matter, does it? Women have long been making the choice between emotion and expediency, and finally having a woman nominated for POTUS by a major political party isn’t going to change that. So this video directed by a woman, narrated by a woman, about a mother, highlighting barriers broken by women, and meant to introduce the first woman to break the first pane of the highest political glass ceiling in the world was cut from the celebration. Oh well.

Still, it’s a video worth seeing. It’s eleven minutes of celebrating Dorothy Rodham and sharing due credit for Hillary Clinton’s political achievement with scores of women who have come before. Watch.

And in case you think we’re beyond needing to emphasize what “qualified” means and giving credit for hard work and career accomplishments, check out this cartoon from The Boston Globe dated July 27th, 2016, titled “Measuring Women’s Progress.” Oh well.

Wasserman Progress


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