Get a (non-pandering, authentic, gender-neutral) Hobby, Hillary!


Full Disclosure: #ImWithHer. Even more: I find Hillary Rodham Clinton likable, caring, compassionate, and funny. I’d quite enjoy having a sit down chat and a meal with her. And none of that is why I think she is the best candidate for POTUS.

Apparently, what someone needs to be an acceptable candidate for POTUS is a hobby, a pastime, a surprising talent to show off on a late night show. I know this is necessary because several Very Important People have brought it up. David Brooks bemoans HRC’s unlikable status as a result of not sharing anything personal “…except for a few grandma references.” He then strangely points out that we all, especially career-driven grandmas, need sanctuaries — that those running for POTUS need to slice open and expose in order to satisfy our curiosity about what happens behind closed doors. Seems a tad contradictory, but maybe I don’t understand Brooks’ definition of “sanctuary.”

Then Jonah Goldberg chimes in at the National Review with a response to David Brooks by smacking down the career-driven cause of HRC’s unlikability and claiming it’s because she’s “inauthentic and a very bad and brazen liar.” Never mind that out of all the major candidates for POTUS this election season (yes, all — as in Republican and Democratic), Secretary Clinton has the best record in truth-telling. And can we just skip the inauthentic part? First, this whole “she needs a hobby” and “why can’t she share more” thing is old. I mean, under snarky accusations of pandering, HRC’s campaign had to drag out old articles about stocking the White House kitchen to prove she carried hot sauce in her bag when Beyoncé was still in Girl’s Tyme. So, who’s inauthentic? The accused or the accusers?

Anyway, a few people have already poked fun at The Haters. Charles Pierce at Esquire has a fun take on it. Jia Tolentino at Jezebel’s The Slot points out what should be obvious about HRC’s likability problem with at least a portion of the population. NYMag’s Jessica Roy is relieved someone has finally figured it out. And I’m sure there are more.

But I thought it would be helpful to do some sharing about HRC myself, just for those of you who can’t get past certain discomforts with Hillary Clinton’s personal life. I owe a debt of thanks to the Wise Women in an utterly fabulous pro-HRC group I am lucky enough to belong to.



  1. Look! Hillary is a cat person AND a dog person! Does that help?  (Eh. Why can’t she choose just one? Flip flopper! And why such Establishment breeds? Typical.)






2. She enjoys reading to children! There’s an unimpeachable hobby, right? (The kids look bored. Why’d she choose The Hungry Caterpillar? They’ve probably heard it scores of times.)



3. Gameboy! Everyone loves Gameboy!  And she was probably playing Tetris. (Ugh. Her thumb technique is all wrong, and I heard she was addicted to her Gameboy. Weak constitution.)



4. Okay, how about Dominoes? Hillary Clinton claims to be able to play Chinese and Puerto Rican Dominoes. And she really seems to enjoy it! (Pandering – Again! They totally let her win and probably cheated for the photo-op. Fake laugh! Fake celebration!)



5. Beer? She can like beer authentically, right? (Oh hai SWILLARY! And is that a Guinness? She must be pandering. To someone.)





6. I give up. I gotta fall back on Grandmother. With Hillary’s granddaughter about to become a big sister, you have to admit that HRC loves being a Grandmother. (Sure thing. I LOVE her as a Grandmother! And she should relax at home and enjoy being JUST a Grandmother.)


And in case my collage of pictures and snark doesn’t do it for you, check out this post at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for some more insight.


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6 Responses to Get a (non-pandering, authentic, gender-neutral) Hobby, Hillary!

  1. Shann Eva says:

    Pretty funny. I’m not so sure about our POTUS needing a hobby. I’ll just settle for them doing a good job in the office and with our Country.

  2. Sheryl says:

    I’m always amazed at what is stated about women in politics. Regardless, there is always something that is going to be wrong.

  3. Charlotte says:

    Oh hello! SO great to see you in the Authentic Bloggers group 🙂

    This made me laugh. I’m so tired of HRC being portrayed in such a negative light and she really does have likable qualities. Does that mean I want her elected as the next POTUS? No, not necessarily. But we could certainly do a lot worse (ahem).

    Also those kids do look bored. That was probably the wrong book choice :p

    Hope you’re having a great week!

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