Glad I Saw It: Pottery Treasures

pottery treasures

My children were lucky enough to be able to take one of the Montclair Art Museum‘s Spring Break classes at the pottery studio. Besides the hands-on, messy, focused fun they enjoyed, it also provided a lesson in patience; the budding potters need to wait a few weeks to pick up their finished work. Seeing the colorful variety of treasures created by so many children was a joyful moment.

As a side note: My son’s haul of hard work, seen below, reminded me that even when things seem very similar in shape and color and style, those who know better can lovingly recite differences and details of each. Good to remember in this era of clumping together and erasing individuality.


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4 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Pottery Treasures

  1. memadtwo says:

    Lovely work and best regards, I’m a fellow Montclairite. Love this town so much. N.

  2. Steve Jaskowak says:

    I’m glad they enjoyed the time we spent with them. We enjoy them just as much.
    Steve the Potter.

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