Happy Tenth Birthday, First Second! #10yearsof01


In my home, we dove feet first into graphic novels when the kids first started reading on their own. Even before that, our home had many graphic novels in the bookshelves — everything from King Lear to Persepolis to Maus.

My first introduction to First Second publishers was the stunning graphic novel American Born Chinese. I remember reading it for the first time, and I was stunned, uncomfortable, entertained, and impressed. It made me think. It challenged me. And it made me want to learn more. The hones

Jorge 01 collection

First Second author Jorge Aguirre shows off some of his collection.

ty and intensity of the story rang true on many levels. It was a keeper.
Now, my house is home to dozens of First Second books. My kids fell hard for Giants Beware! as well as its sequel Dragons Beware! Together, the kids and I laughed and learned about the human body from Human Body Theater, and explored new interpretations of life lessons via Fable Comics. Other First Second books like Gryphons Aren’t So Great and the Olympians collection, Little Robot and Zita the Spacegirl, and the entire Sardine collection have provided hundreds of hours of entertainment and peace of mind over the last couple of years.

The First Second logo has come to mean “You’re going to love this!” for me and my family. And while we have explored only a corner of the First Second library, I know that we have lots of fantastic books to still explore. Check out some happy First Second readers showing off some of their favorite books! So, Happy Birthday Tenth Birthday, First Second! And many happy returns!

For reviews of the books mentioned in this post, click on the title links in the text above.


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2 Responses to Happy Tenth Birthday, First Second! #10yearsof01

  1. I love their titles. But I may be biased!

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