Glad I Saw It: Nina Simone on Sesame Street

YoungGiftedandBlackA friend shared this clip of Nina Simone singing Young, Gifted and Black on Facebook this morning. Despite having no claim on any of those identifiers, I clicked on it because 1) NINA SIMONE! 2) Sesame Street and 3) I’d probably watched it as a toddler when it first aired. There’s also the whole shared human experience and appreciation and celebration of those both alike and different than we are, but you know. Anyway, I’m so glad I saw it. Despite the poor copy quality and not-quite-synched audio/visual, it’s lovely.

Watch, enjoy, listen, share, grow.


PS: The friend who shared this is also named Nina, and in addition to many other amazing accomplishments, she is the owner and founder of Pee-kaboo Potty Sticker. Check it out!


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