Glad I Saw It: Hot Chocolate (NSFW)

Dolce Federica chocolates are rich. And beautiful. And they make the perfect indulgence. They were featured at the Montclair Pop-Up in December and recently at the Montclair Food and Wine Festival. The intense and delicious Dolce Federica chocolates have a boutique style and an artistic creativity.

And boy am I glad to have seen what Dolce Federica has in store for Valentine’s Day. Hot Chocolate. I mean HOT chocolate. HOT. Check it out.

Kamasutra Dolce Federica 2

Oh, what’s that? You need a closer view?


You’re welcome. This high quality dark chocolate is painted with edible mineral oil to create a coppery sheen. And they are only available on special order via the Dolce Federica website. As of publication, these gorgeous and risqué Valentine’s Day chocolates are not yet listed – But I’ve been promised they will be available by special order ASAP. Order soon to make sure they are available for the big day!

If you want something a little more traditional, Dolce Federica can do that for you as well. Click here for details about their Valentine’s Day Chocolates and Bonbons.

Be sure to get on the mailing list and follow them on Facebook to stay in touch!


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