Guns: Reaction Is Easier Than Prevention

Run. Hide. Fight. That’s what you’re supposed to do when a Bad Guy With a Gun (BGWaG) enters a building you’re in. Sounds like a great plan! Easy! And you might get to be a hero!

Naval medical center

It’s even what some would like children as young as Kindergarten age to learn. And it’s what the location of USA’s most recent (As of publication) shooter event advised: “All occupants are advised to run, hide or fight.”

Sadly, our society is much more willing to encourage fellow human beings to react to a Bad Guy With a Gun rather than prevent situations like this from occurring. We are so afraid of rising up against the tyranny and fear-mongering of the various gun lobby and manufacturing groups that we would rather train our children to crouch in corners and in bathrooms, or even throw pens and books at a BGWaG. At least if they are killed, they’ll be heroes. What a truly sick attitude.

Instituting a true Universal Background Check system, including permit to purchase, requiring basic hands-on safety and use training, making gun trafficking a federal crime, holding gun manufacturers to the same standards as the food and toy industries, and acknowledging that suicides and negligent gun deaths count as part of gun violence all need to happen if the USA can pretend to be a civilized society.

Firearm advocates like to point out that gun deaths are down. (They don’t crow about that fewer individuals owning firearms and medical improvements are to thank.)  But better than horrific is nothing to tout. This is especially true when children are so deeply affected.

Shouldn’t we be brave about prevention rather than expect our children and ourselves to be brave when facing an active shooter?


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