Lazy Mom’s Guide to Fancy Cooking

Sometimes my dinners get Fancy. And when I say “fancy” I mean like Iggy Azalea or maybe Fancy Nancy, not like Jonathan Coulton’s *Mr. Fancy Pants* classic. So basically, a dinner that pretends to be fancy, perhaps with a tongue in cheek attitude, perhaps not. You’re not really sure. (With Coulton, you’re sure.)

Take tonight’s masterpiece. Let’s call it Hot Dog with Pasta Two-Ways.IMG_4448

Here is the recipe: Barilla Veggie Penne (boiled), a store-bought* pesto (I love the Rana brand), and your favorite hot dog (pan fried, not boiled). Make sure you have some left-over pesto pasta from two days ago to ensure the Pasta Two-Ways gets a fair shake. Plate as you wish, but I like the half & half technique. Fancy.

* While store-bought pesto is preferable, you are welcome to make your own. However, then please don’t pretend your dinner is a “Lazy Mom” meal.

It’s easy, and with a salad or some fresh veggies on the side, it makes a dandy and fancy dinner. Lazy Mom Tip: your leftover pasta should not be rice or corn based pasta (like mine was). It just doesn’t keep well.

Caveat: I stay away from marinara or other sauces because my kids aren’t huge fans and it’s messy. Yes, messy. Ick.

Not into the Lazy Mom version of Fancy? Want to actually do more than stir and assemble? This looks delicious: Roasted carrots, dates, walnuts, feta. Or maybe this one: Spicy Italian Sausage and Rice Casserole.


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4 Responses to Lazy Mom’s Guide to Fancy Cooking

  1. Hey, it’s a step above what my mom used to serve (after about her 85.000th dinner): we’d say “what’s for dinner” and she’d say “glop.” Either “chicken glop” or “hamburger glop.” Mmmmmm. Sometimes glop was meat with sauce & rice; sometimes glop was meat with sauce and noodles (these were the days WAY before pasta). And “sauce” was… something with canned tomatoes.

    • Slop and glop are not my specialties. And I do actually make a nice potato and leek soup, along with a few other things. I just don’t enjoy the kitchen, so sometimes this is what you get.

      I like your mom.

  2. michellelongo says:

    If I were your kid is probably eat this meal but I’d need you to put the hot dog on a different plate. I could probably put the two pastas together though just to make it easy on you.

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