Reject the Naysayers! You Can Be An Artist Too.

art is funThe best, most talented, most passionate Artists I know welcome those with less time, talent, ability, commitment, even desire into the act. They hope it will one day become a way of life, a sanctuary from the humdrum and the hardship, an outlet that enhances joy and makes bearable despair. They know the value of Art for all who dare to take on its pursuit.

Lately (let’s call it 15 years), especially in writing, I’ve been saddened by those who approach the Art of writing with contempt for those who wish to dabble and attempt and stumble and learn and develop and fail and try again. Saddened is too kind. Truth be told, I’ve been disgusted by the insecurity of those who would maim another’s desire to make Art to protect the back-slapping shell of an Artistic Ego echo chamber.

Artists to be! Artists who are! Reject the naysayers and the stifling harumph of those who wish to quiet your budding passion. They have merely forgotten that they were once condescended to and quieted and encouraged and taught and edited as well. Or perhaps, just perhaps, they are close to acknowledging that they too are not yet where they want to be. Perhaps their fear is misguiding their passion and poisoning their Art. Perhaps they are just frustrated sad sacks. Either way, listen no more.

And don’t worry about them either; their eventual realization will only make them stronger Artists. Know that self-doubt faced honestly is the greatest tool for growth in whichever passion you choose to pursue.


Writing encouragement from Richard Rhodes

Writing encouragement from Richard Rhodes


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