Symbolism Evolution via Twitter, et al

adorbsOops, they’ve done it again! Actually, let me try that again.

Oh For Fuck’s Sake, what’s with the hearts?

Yep, those on Periscope predicted it a while back: Twitter has gone to a HEART instead of a STAR for Favorites. And now it’s called a LIKE. And the Twitter PR People are selling it to Twitter Users (who prefer to think they are the Cooler, Less-of-a-Joiner, Social Media users) this way:

The heart is more expressive, enabling you to convey a range of emotions and easily connect with people. And in our tests, we found that people loved it.

Bottom line: Use the heart, or use nothing. And “nothing” on social media platforms actually speaks volumes of apathy and shrugs of the shoulders, and for some of us, no more organization.

Some people have commented that it’s feminizing Twitter (different from feministing). Others bemoan being cornered into using a heart to bookmark a Tweet for later reading. And a red heart at that. Love! Barf!

I mean, couldn’t they have used a Twitter-Blue heart? Or a happy emoticon? Or a lightning bolt? Or just add a whole bunch like a skull & cross bones, an emoticon with hearts for eyes, a pile of crap, and a !?, which would mean WTF. Or just have WTF as an option.

Anyway, it’s coming. And don’t get all high and mighty if you still see the star. It’s coming your way too. You can always express your distaste for the new Twitter Love by taking to your tweets and sharing your #HeartHate. Or just allow the focus groups of social media to direct the evolution of your symbolism.


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