Glad I Saw It: Primordial Connections on Pine Street

One of several Devonian Fish by Elizabeth Smith Jacobs

One of several Devonian Fish by Elizabeth Smith Jacobs

Sometimes a space becomes a living, breathing organ, providing a needed boost to the neighborhood surrounding it. 73 See Gallery at 73C Pine Street in Montclair embodies this idea. And the newest exhibition is a clear example of how deeply Mary Z Scotti’s independent gallery connects artistic and community values.

PRIMORDIAL CONNECTIONS includes two local artists, Elizabeth Smith Jacobs (well known in Montclair for her tiles and public installations) and Michele Walker Wenzke. And while their works are very different, this installation works. It really works. I strongly suggest that you stop in to see these works while they are still at 73 See Gallery. They’ll be on Pine Street until December 10th, 2015. 12190904_914587971969548_6316264733696434760_n

Click on this video tour of the exhibition. Although I should stress that it doesn’t do justice to the works. You can also enjoy the Artist Talk on November 15th at 4 PM. It is a free event, but donations are always welcome!

73 See Gallery is located at 73 C Pine Street in Montclair, NJ. It is open Tuesday through Sunday from Noon to 6 PM.


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