Gun Culture is No Joke: Of Puppies, Priests, and Football

On the ontennessee-mckaylae hand, we have a priest pointing a long gun at an 8-year old over a Cowboys/Giants rivalry. The parishioners say it’s “in jest” and no big deal. Haha. So funny!

On the other hand, we have an 11-year old pointing a shotgun at another 8-year old and shooting her to death over not being able to see puppies. She is dead. Not so funny anymore.

One witness to the priest’s lack of discretion said that the priest pointing a gun at a child “pales in comparison to how bad it looks for a prosecutor to hastily arrest a well-regarded priest for serious felonies.” That’s gun culture, for you. I wonder if it’s just a big joke if someone points a probably-fake-but-might-be-real gun at you in a parking lot. Haha. So funny.

Where are all the gun advocates who crow about the rules of gun safety and any responsible gun owner always follows them. You know — something like ALWAYS treat a firearm like it’s loaded. NEVER point a gun at someone you’re not willing to shoot. And a few more pesky safety rules. Forgotten already? Set the bar higher for heaven’s sake.

Brushing aside smaller gun incidents in which no one is physically harmed makes room for tragedies to occur. Shaming those who take pointing a gun (loaded or not, Civil War era — albeit working! — or not, in jest or not) at a child — or anyone — seriously is peer pressured bullying. It creates an atmosphere in which people look away, stay silent, make excuses, and close their eyes while mumbling, “I’m sure it’s nothing.”

So let’s file this under “I wonder where they get this from?” for now. And stand up for erring on the side of reason and safety. Do it for the 8-year olds.

** Edited to add another ridiculous case involving a whale — the connection, other than the obvious of a firearm, is that this fisherman points out that his firearm was a WWII-Era gun. As if that makes it okay. But the bullet still found its mark and the living being it hit is now dead. So, whatever.


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