Glad I Saw It: Mr. Rogers’ Version of Heaven


(I’m convinced this was inspiration for LOST.)

We can get overwhelmed by news, events, horrors, anger, emotion. It’s difficult to realize that in the course of human history, we’re actually doing pretty well right now. Well, maybe except for the climate stuff.

But we see so much and surround ourselves in real time with accidents and hate and desperation and callousness and tragedy — and many of us feel compelled to act and respond and try to change it for the better. It will wear you down, my friend. And in that time, I ask you to stop and look for the helpers. Give time and attention to those who reach out to do Good.

And then take a deep breath and think about all the people in your life who have helped you along and held you up. The haters get far too much attention, don’t you think?

And if you’re really bad off, maybe look up an episode of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, make a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate, put away the phone and iPad and laptop, and just immerse yourself in cardigans, feeding the fish, The Land of Make Believe, and unconditional acceptance. Do it as part of a Mental Health Day, or just because.


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Adjusting to car culture, dealing with leaving a career I loved, and spouting off along the way. Do The Most Good.
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