Glad I Saw It: Miel con Nueces

miel con nuecesNow that the Montclair Farmers Market is back in full swing, the crowds are back and the vendors have their complete selection of wares on display. It’s always a thrill to see Tassot Apiaries with their honey sticks and beeswax candles. But my favorite item from Tassot is the raw honey with walnuts. Just seeing the jars brings me back 15 years to traveling in Spain, in Las Alpujarras. At many of the turn-offs to small villages in the mountains, you could stop and buy jars filled with honey and walnuts.

If you couldn’t resist the wait, you might sit on a rock looking out over the view and scoop out the golden, gooey nuggets with your fingers, not caring about the mess or gluttony.las alpujarras view


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