Lift Ev’ry Voice and Shout: 150th Juneteenth

JuneteenthLearn so you can act with conviction, knowledge, passion, confidence, and positivity. Please leave more positive links about Juneteenth in comments.

History of Juneteenth via Texas State Historical Association.

More history of Juneteenth via Talking Points Memo.

An idea of how to honor Juneteenth this year via Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic.

Celebration via PBS: Each year, JUNETEENTH JAMBOREE highlights local vignettes that resonate with the idea of freedom.

Inspiration from a young entrepreneur via Financial Juneteenth.

Importance of remembering Juneteenth via Thrive Detroit.

More reasons why we should all celebrate Juneteenth via Jamelle Bouie at Slate.

Why one Texan won’t be celebrating Juneteenth this year via Chantel L. Jones at The Texas Observer.


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