Inspiration at {verdigreen}


The display windows are always carefully and beautifully put together from scratch.

When I say “inspiration” it means vicariously soaking in other people’s artistic or creative projects with paints and craft items. And that’s where it ends: I feel inspired. I love to look, imagine, be tempted to distress furniture and wonder about cutting paper into whimsical patterns to waft from invisible hooks. Imagining doing all these things and living among them is a little like taking a long weekend into fantasy land.

That’s why I like to stop in to {verdigreen} once in a while. Wandering around the store and workshop has all the inspiration I need with none of the pressure to actually create. Although, it’s good to know that if I get the urge, the shop is there with everything I need to get crafty and creative. Those with more confidence in their abilities and more desire to create rather than admire can find inspiration at {verdigreen} as well as all the tools necessary to help it come to life.

Wrapping paper that's gorgeous enough to frame.

Wrapping paper that’s gorgeous enough to frame.

Azie, the owner and artistic force at the shop, told me that craft-curious people can bring in a small project and try out different Annie Sloan products and the various tools {verdigreen} has to figure out if committing to a purchase of paint, wax, and brushes will bring joy or regret. For those who like or need more guidance, there are also workshops in various techniques. Azie also said that she or one of her super-knowledgable staff make sure to consult and advise customers about color, use, and amount of product needed for a particular project. Check out the website to check for workshops, and maybe I’ll see you there if I’m inspired. In NYC? Manhattan has a brand new {verdigreen} shop in the East Village!

Check out the brand new space here.

Either way, I’ll be wandering the store soaking in the funky vibe and creative details.

Stencils: Art even I can do!

Stencils: Art even I can do!


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