Guest Sonnet: The Fate of Fur and Feathers

Jessica Almy, the brain and brawn behind Vegbooks, joined the yeah write February Poetry Slam with a sonnet. I offered this space, assuring her that opinionated sarcasm would fit right in. Also, since I’ve defaulted on my participation in the challenge, this allows me to participate vicariously. But it’s not too late for you! Want to try sonnet writing? Go here. Now.

The Fate of Fur and Feathers

In our fair city, we hate these friggin rats–
The kind that run, the kind that fly and crap.
We curse bedbugs and mangy stray tomcats.
Yeah, but we love toy dogs who yap and yap.

We take our dogs on horse-drawn carriages.
They wear their Sunday best, decked out in fur.
Some even plan lil doggy marriages.
Dogs kiss on cue. Good matches we assure.

Elsewhere, we know that people love their birds–
Bright birds, smart birds–the type that say hello,
The ones who talk, who know a ton of words.
We like birds too: prepared with a nice Bordeaux.

Yeah, some are free. Others we prefer confined.
The birds and beasts should be to fate resigned.

by Jessica Almy


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