Keep Dancing Like No One Is Watching: Katy and Missy

534733851JF00009_Pepsi_SupeI thought Katy Perry did a great job at the half-time show for Superbowl (insert number here). I was very happy to watch Lenny Kravitz sing Katy Perry’s breakout hit with her. And because I’m not tuned into music industry rumors, the Missy Elliott guest appearance was a total surprise. I was already seat dancing from the first “I can name that tune in six notes” teaser of Get Ur Freak On.

But to hear Twitter commentary during and after the show, Katy Perry was a total asshole for even being on stage with Missy Elliott. There was making fun of Perry’s dancing, how she didn’t have talent or skill compared to Missy Elliott, and so on and so forth. Because, you know, sharing isn’t caring when the Judgy McJudgersons are in town. Never mind that Missy Elliott was amazing in her responses. Never mind that people are always saying “Female artists need to help each other” and “If you’re on top bring someone with you.” Oh, and there is the “Dance like no one is watching” thing too.  See how far that goes?

But that’s okay. It’s all right. I’ll just made sure to take a good listen to Missy Elliott’s Gossip Folks, followed by Katy Perry’s Firework — or maybe This Is How We Do, just to piss people off. Because if you can’t see from their respective videos that Katy Perry was influenced by Missy Elliott’s in your face style as she started out, you are blind.


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3 Responses to Keep Dancing Like No One Is Watching: Katy and Missy

  1. Candace says:

    I liked the half time show, too. I didn’t see the backlash against Katy, but that’s horrible. I’m glad Missy got a chance to be in the spotlight and thought she killed it. (laughing at Judgy McJudgersons.) Nice post.

  2. Kinley Dane says:

    I agree completely! I thought it was a great show! But, as we know, no matter how great something is, there will ALWAYS be people who have a negative take on it. I kept thinking, ‘for god’s sake, it’s entertainment! and they entertained!’ Should be that simple, but it never is.

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