Glad I Saw It: Pencil Dispenser

We haven’t stopped by our library since well before the holidays, so this was new to me.

pencil dispenser

My first thought was that it was just a funky vintage feature. But then memories of dozens, scores, of dearly purchased pens and pencils — freely given — walking out my classroom door every month. Perhaps this installation is more about encouraging ownership instead of relying on the generosity of the librarians.

Or, perhaps it’s just because it’s so cool.


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2 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Pencil Dispenser

  1. ooh.. i faintly remember a pencil dispenser when i was in elementary school, and how eager i was to receive a pencil from it after inserting my money. it was so exciting, to anticipate what fun pencil would pop out next. thanks for triggering that memory. =)

    • Pencils are certainly still in style — they are a frequent gift for party goody bags and Valentine treats. This was the first pencil dispenser I’d seen, and next time I’m there, I will make sure I have exact change. 🙂

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