Chris Christie Veto Exposes Lack of a Moral Compass

via Sandy Hook Promise

via Sandy Hook Promise

Exposing his extreme cowardice and an utter lack of leadership ability, Christie eviscerated A2006, a bill to reduce the legal limit for firearm magazines to ten (down from 15). Parroting NRA claims that it’s mental health and not the amount of bullets, Christie showed his ignorance of mass shootings around the world (the USA doesn’t have a monopoly on mental health issues) and common sense (more bullets = more deaths and injuries).

With a trip to Iowa just weeks away and with recent trips to New Hampshire in his rear-view mirror, Chris Christie vetoed common sense gun reform legislation designed to save lives should the worst happen. And with 74 school shootings in just 18 months, the threat of the “worst” is our American reality.

In his re-write of A2006 (disguised as a veto), Christie pushes mental health reform and insults gun reform advocates like the Sandy Hook families who have pointed out that eleven children survived because the Newtown killer fumbled upon attempting to reload his rifle’s 30 round magazine. Calling this legislation a “trivial approach” and accusing the Sandy Hook families of “grandstanding.” Both phrases have appeared in anti-regulation and gun extremist posts in reference to this bill.

Especially with the generous concessions made in the NJ Senate exempting certain rifles from the ten-round limit and allowing six months to comply with the law, this is a fair and responsible bill. The bill does not stop anyone from exercising a Second Amendment right; ten-round magazines are common and can be found for many guns, including both New Jersey compliant AR-15 style rifles and Glock 19.

So what is Christie actually afraid of? It’s not a fear based in the Garden State, where 85% of residents support common sense gun reform; it’s about his national ambitions. But what Christie forgets in his zeal for the White House is that the echo-chamber of gun extremism only seems loud. The vast majority of Americans understands that fewer bullets mean fewer lives lost. More attempts at changing a magazine mean more chances to act or escape. It’s simple arithmetic.

Chris Christie must begin to show leadership, maturity, and common sense. He must use past tragedies to show that he is forward-thinking and sensible in his approach to gun reform. The ten-round limit for ammunition magazines is logical, proven to save lives, and just makes sense. The bill our governor sent back to New Jersey’s legislature deserved better than a laughable rewrite that continues to shuffle the issue of gun violence down the line. Chris Christie needs to show that he knows what the “right thing to do” is without threats and misguided advice from extremists.

An elected leader without morals becomes a pawn for the highest bidder, whether that bidder dangles money or power to tempt his prey. Clearly, the Garden State’s current governor cares more about both money and power due to the slight possibility that he will be crowned the GOP candidate for a presidential run.

Read bill sponsor Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald’s statement here.

Read response from Sandy Hook Promise here.

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2 Responses to Chris Christie Veto Exposes Lack of a Moral Compass

  1. Dave Astor says:

    Terrific post about a politician even more ethically challenged than the average politician — and that’s saying a lot!

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