I don’t always act like a Fan Girl, but when I do, it’s for #OITNB

non celeb paparazzi

Not-yet-celebs I abused into taking a photo with me to erase the less-than-perfect interaction I had with a bona fide celeb moments before.

I had to play catch up with the first season of Orange is the New Black because I hadn’t read the book, and I like to read the book before watching its television or film version. But then, in the midst of a very aggravating week or three, I was pointed to this video by a trusted internet friend (Thanks Ms. Mary Mack!). And of the almost 150k views, I think my children and I account for about a million. It got us all through a LONG winter.

So I skipped the book and went straight to the show for a binge-watch session. I’d read some of the criticism about stereotypes and gratuitous sex prior to watching, so I waited to be unimpressed. Oh, but no. I loved it. I loved that it smushed privilege into our faces and acknowledged all sorts of attitudes towards race and sex. I developed an adoration of Taystee and Crazy Eyes, and I admired the chutzpah of Red and Gloria. I liked that it made me think. And all this with the awareness that OITNB reflects prison life about as accurately as NYPD Blue reflected police work or GLEE reflects high school.

Waiting until June for the second season of Orange is the New Black was daunting, but I managed somehow. And last night I was lucky enough to attend the Netflix premiere and after party for the new OITNB season. And I went all out fan girl.

Fan girls with Danielle Brooks!

Me being a total fan girl with Danielle Brooks!

Now, I’m not big on treating entertainers and artists as SuperHuman. I lived in Brooklyn, after all – the crown jewel of NYC’s whatever, so you’re famous attitude. And now, in my current town, it’s just as true. Stephen Colbert can shop at Whole Foods and Patrick Wilson can jog shirtless without anyone blinking an eye (until they’re out of earshot). But I put all that on hold last night.

Lori Petty is lovely. (And YES! She’s in #OITNBSeasonTwo!) She’s really personable and was kind enough to pose for a second  photo when the flash didn’t work on the first one. I confidently informed Selenis Leyva that the grilled cheese being served was divine. I got a smile from Vicky Jeudy when I blurted out “Gorgeous!” as she walked by. My companion, Georgette, got a squeeze on the arm from Samira Wiley when she gasped, “It’s Poussey!” A highlight was taking a photo with the gracious and beautiful Danielle Brooks. Her friends took the photo. But I didn’t see Uzo Aduba. And that was the one real disappointment of the night. Crazy Eyes (Suzanne) is my favorite character in OITNB, and I am so happy that she’s been made a series regular for Season 2!opening credits OITNB

And speaking of Orange is the New Black Season 2, make sure to get ready to watch it on Netflix starting June 6th! The first episode will make you want more. And more.

Sippin’ on moonshine with my yeah write buddiesIt’s calorie-free & remarkably satisfying!


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19 Responses to I don’t always act like a Fan Girl, but when I do, it’s for #OITNB

  1. Oh.my.god! I am so jealous. I love that show. The writing is so smart, and the acting is superb. Crazy Eyes is awesome, but Poussey and Red are my fav’s. I just watched the behind the scenes stuff on Netflix a few nights ago, and that really made me long for some new episodes. Season 2 can’t get here soon enough for me.

    P.S. I usually prefer books over the show/movie, but in the case of OITNB, the show is waaaay better.

  2. My best friend convinced my husband to give the show a try. He didn’t hate it, but doesn’t seem inclined to finish watching it. I’m hoping to catch an episode here or there when all the boys are asleep. I’ve also put a hold on the book. I’m curious to see how it compares.

  3. Amy says:

    Oh wow Kristin! I too am a OITNB fan. Such fantastic actresses. And for some, eg Uzo Aduba, you know that A Star Has Been Born!

  4. TheJackB says:

    I haven’t watched the show yet but I hear really good things about it.

  5. innatejames says:

    I’m an Orange fan too. In addition to everything you’ve mentioned that’s good about the show, I love that it features a transgendered woman. Laverne Cox is amazing and absolutely perfect in that very complicated role!

  6. Marcy says:

    Wow–what a cool experience! I liked the show and am looking forward to the new season. I read the book after seeing the first season. I liked the book, too, but it is very different. It is much more serious without all the wacky things going on. I admired how much the author brought issues of unfairness to the forefront in the book.

  7. Oh my gosh. I’m having a fan-girl moment here. You got to hang out with the OITNB cast?? Totally jealous here. I loved it for the same reasons you loved it.

    • It was fun, but I was way too shy to approach all the people I wanted to. I did tell the man who plays the Warden that he does a great job making me hate him. He didn’t seem thrilled.

  8. I’m so excited for the new season to start. I really loved the first one. What a cool night out you had there!

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