Mr. Rogers’ Mother Knitted

mrrogers_imageI’m not a big fan of designated days. I rarely acknowledge birthdays or anniversaries through social media — and I do my very best to discourage choruses of “Happy {special day}!” on my feeds. It’s partly because I’m an anti-social grump, and it’s partly because I find the whole ramalamadingdong of invented days a tad insincere. See? I’m a grump.

That’s not to say I don’t appreciate my kids making lots of pictures and special cards and cleaning their playroom and attempting to set the breakfast table. (We found out today that they’ve been taking the less dirty dishes out of the dishwasher when they’ve set it in the past.)

And one thing I’ve always found difficult is the gifts. I’m a big fan of consumables in the hopes of avoiding more pile up in closets and drawers. But this little segment from Mr. Rogers helped me to understand how items can help us to both remember and honor loved ones in deeply sentimental ways. One way that Mr. Rogers’ Mom showed love was through her knitting. And suddenly the iconic Mr. Rogers Sweater takes on new and wonderful meaning for those of us who grew up with his show.

Happy Mother’s Day to those who celebrate — with or without gifts! — and happy everything else day for all of us!

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