Nostalgia: People Watching at the Airport

Untitled 2 I love SNL Shorts, old and new. But there is none better than the Gary Weis compilation of people meeting loved ones at the airport. Watching the joyful moments — so private in their public exhibition — with tears in my eyes, I couldn’t help wondering if we’ve lost some of that joy. With Skype, cheap phone calls, texting, emails, videos and so on, do we miss loved ones as much as we used to? Does absence still make the heart grow fonder?

See the video here: Gary Weis’ Homeward Bound

And then you tell me.Untitled 3


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17 Responses to Nostalgia: People Watching at the Airport

  1. I’m thankful that I remember the days of airport gate reunions and departures. I watched them too- with a sense of humanity and gratitude to see such emotion. Personally I don’t like to break down at the airport- which is a good thing that I’ve only done it once. We go ‘home’ for a week or so in November, and I am nervous.

    • I had so many nervous moments waiting and arriving at airports. Would I recognize the people meeting me? Would they be there? What if they weren’t? What if it was disappointing? Now, older and less embarrassed by failure, I think I’d be more disaffected. But who knows!

  2. Nothing beats being able to wrap your arms around someone you love. Doesn’t matter how much you get to communicate when someone is gone. Hugging them again means everything.

  3. TheJackB says:

    I miss the leaving and reuniting at the gate.

  4. I DO Believe the airport is the BEST place to people watch! I also love SNL, but my fav is not a “Short”…..I love the video that Justin Timberlake & Andy Samberg did at Christmas! “D_ _K in a Box”!! That was funny!! Sweet Post Nat! *Catherine* 🙂

  5. kittery says:

    I can’t compare the two, but rather than considering Skype/email/text messages as cheap, I think they’re invaluable. You’re connected to each other in a way that postage stamps and mailing delays never allowed. When inside jokes are shared, they’re shared together, you laugh together…when you actually get to share the same oxygen? Wonderful. Instead of having to ‘catch-up’ you can just keep going.

    A more painful separation doesn’t guarantee a more joyful reunion…does it?

    – Kit

  6. I hear “SNL” and think funny. I wasn’t prepared to tear up while watching this. It is a lovely little film.

  7. Maybe the replacement is meeting that blogger friend you’ve talked to on Twitter for months, and finally get to meet in person? That’s what I thought of reading your comment about “would they recognize me?” 🙂

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