David’s Shoes: A Mother Honors Her Son’s Life

-04e974763cc07984I first met Elaine Lane a year or so ago, and I was moved to see her gently unpacking dozens of pairs of shoes and set them carefully, protectively out for display. Each pair of shoes represented one of the young people under age 19 who were shot and killed in 1998, the year her son David was killed in the aftermath of a robbery. She calls the display David’s Shoes, but it’s for us all.

Elaine Lane is a teacher, and that’s what she does – she teaches. But instead of dissecting literature or helping students master the semi-colon, she works to help young people honor their lives. Inspired by a display of shoes representing victims of the Iraq war, this mother hopes that by sharing her own story of loss she will never see a pair of shoes representing the young people she has met over her years of presenting David’s Shoes.

Read more about David’s Shoes and Elaine’s journey here. And here is a fantastic interview with her from October 2013.

The David’s Shoes Facebook page has loving and inspirational messages about celebrating life and who we are. The David’s Shoes charity provides scholarships to students in need, and it runs art contests to help young people focus their energies in positive ways.

David’s Shoes is running a fund-raiser right now, and every bit helps. If you can’t donate, please help spread the word by sharing THIS LINK with interested people and organizations. Elaine Lane is Good People. We need more like her.

Donate to David’s Shoes here.

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5 Responses to David’s Shoes: A Mother Honors Her Son’s Life

  1. Jorge says:

    I think the title of your blog undervalues it. Everyone’s blog is unique in a different way. anyway, moving post. powerful image, empty shoes.

  2. Natalie DeYoung says:

    Oh, what a heartbreaking, meaningful job. Bless her. What important work.

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