Glad I Saw It: Books To Have and Hold

One of my favorite things is happening upon my children reading — or just looking at — books. Just as I was, my children are very lucky in that they are surrounded by books of all types. We have beautiful art books, biographies, loads of picture books, I Can Read books by the score, paperbacks waiting for them to grow up just a *little* more, left over board books still showing signs of budding teeth, books that explore Mother Earth, space, and those that imagine how the dinosaurs lived.

I’m not boasting. It’s just that with one parent in publishing and another who taught literature, it can’t be helped. Books are what we choose to spend cash on; we don’t purchase much else in great quantity. Except ice cream.

photo copy 2

That means that whenever they are curious, they can wander around and pick up a book and leisurely flip through their chosen tome. And that’s how a love of reading is born. That’s how a strong basis in literacy is born.

Libraries are amazing, necessary, and pillars of their communities. But there’s something particularly special about having a book that is yours. Yours to keep and write your name in and put a sticker in and return to again and again. And like anything that amazing, it doesn’t always come cheaply.

Want to help kids get books into their homes? Check out First Book and The Pajama Program and Reading is Fundamental.

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4 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Books To Have and Hold

  1. johar1 says:

    Not sure why this brought a tear to my eye. I guess it is because I agree. I have always had a love for books, their smell, the fonts, the paper, binding, the stories, the illustrations… Just spent $110 of the money I don’t have in beautiful books from one of the local stores. Somehow I never feel guilty when it is on books. 🙂

  2. Stacie says:

    Books were the one thing my parents would always buy too, even when money was tight. I wish my kids inherited my love of books but they don’t have it to the same degree. Although Shane is blasting through the Wimpy Kid series for the second time now!

    • I think re-reading the Wimpy Kids books counts! We’ve also really been enjoying the audiobooks as we read. The latest find was the Moondoggle and Me series. But Harry Potter has been a constant as well.

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