Glad I Saw It: Right-Sized Butt

With all the liking of big butts and wanting smaller butts and bemoaning flat butts and finding jeans to give you a round butt — how about we all just love our own butts for what they are: Exactly the right size.

My butt is exactly the right sizeSeems like the moonshine grid at yeah write it a good place for this sentiment.



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22 Responses to Glad I Saw It: Right-Sized Butt

  1. I agree with the message, but what is it printed on?

  2. Stacie says:

    Awesome message! My butt is currently bruised from running into I-don’t-remember-what. Still, it serves me well.

  3. Natalie DeYoung says:

    I can get on board with that. Now I just need to get on the same train of thought with my hips. And waist. 😉

  4. Karen says:

    Ha! I love it. That message should be on pants instead of a makeup bag though ; )

  5. I like this, I want to get a pair of yoga pants and put #rightsizebutt on the butt side like all those Victoria Secret pants that say Pink on the butt. Just an idea.

  6. TheJackB says:

    I am happy with my butt. Been a great tool for posting people up in basketball, just like Charles Barkley. Ok, maybe not quite the same seeing as he made it to the NBA and I never got past high school, but a man can dream.

  7. TheJackB says:

    Here is an example:

  8. tedstrutz says:

    Nice purse. Of course some photos would have been nice…

  9. Marcy says:

    Funny purse 🙂

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